Nacional Qualifications

National Competency Based Qualifications

What is a qualification?

A qualification is a formal certificate given when a person has achieved all the requirements for a qualification specified in the TLNQF.  That is, when a person can show the application of all the skills and knowledge specified in the industry competency standards. Where the qualification is registered on the TLNQF at Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 it will be registered by INDMO. 

National qualifications in the vocational sector are created by combining units of competency into groups which meet job roles and are meaningful in the workplace, a process known as ‘packaging’, and aligning those groups of competencies to vocational qualifications identified in the TLNQF. National competency based qualifications in the vocational sector registered by INDMO include:

- Certificate I
- Certificate II
- Certificate III
- Certificate IV 

There is also a “Foundation” Certificate, for non-employment related generic skills training. 

What is a competency? 

Competency is the specific skill, knowledge or ability to complete a task. Competency standards describe the skills and knowledge that are needed to do a particular job in the workplace and the level of performance the person must achieve. They are more than just a list of a worker’s duties and must encompass the way effective workers operate.