Project Monitoring

ERA implements a results-based M&E system to track, assess, and report on results at all levels of the program and provide a firm basis for planning.

The objective of the ERA Monitoring and Evaluation system is threefold:

  • To understand the impact of the project on the lives of the rural poor.
  • To provide timely information on the use of project resources and activity implementation to project managers in order to ensure the achievement of project outcomes and outputs.
  • To ensure that stakeholders have the opportunity to reflect on project progress and improve processes where necessary. 

The three key M&E management tools are the Logical Framework [pdf], M&E Matrix[pdf] and the Performance Plan[pdf]

An independent mid-term and a final evaluation will be organized as well to verify, validate and, where necessary, complement the outcome of the project’s monitoring work and the results from the ILO monitoring and supervision activities. MTR [pdf not yet available], Final Report [pdf not yet available].

The ERA project will be the subject of yearly assessments by the European Commission's independent monitors. ROM Assessment Report 2012 [pdf not yet available]