Tender Information

The ERA Project uses a FIDIC Short Form of Contracts, under a special license with FIDIC, with adaptations to the local context and the use of labour-based methods. ERA tenders are usually targeted at trainee contractors and the actual bid process is also part of the training.

ERA has tendered 8 batches

Batch #1 Ermera
Batch #2 Ainaro
Batch #3 Bobonaro
Batch #4 Covalima
Batch #5 Aileu
Batch #6 Liquica
Batch #7 mtc Bobonaro & Ermera
Batch #8 mtc Ainaro & Ermera

Tender Information Activity Date/Time
Batch TBA
  1. Advertisement / Bid Documents
  2. Pre-bid meeting
  3. Site Visit
  4. Bid Clarification
  5. Bid Submission
  6. Bid Opening
  7. Bid Evaluation
  8. Award
  9. Mobilisation