Labour-Based Rural Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance

Works will be undertaken by trained domestic contractors using labour-based approaches. Rehabilitation works should therefore not involve very complex orexpensive structures or excessive earthworks and the availability of local resources including labour and construction materials will be an important consideration.

These companies have been trained in labour-based techniques, including how to maximize the use of local resources and the equipment needed to meet technical and engineering standards, and how to organize and manage a large workforce while ensuring cost effective operations and good quality work.

Rural roads are rehabilitated to ensure all year round access, generally with a gravel surface and with particular attention to drainage provisions and slope protection. All rehabilitated roads will be included for future maintenance.

Although ERA will not construct any new roads (except perhaps very limited spot interventions) road rehabilitation can also have negative effects upon the environmental sustainability if not properly mitigated. The design and implementation of the rural road works will take into consideration environmental issues and consider bio-engineering soil stabilization works were needed and feasible, and the pavement of steep easily erodible road sections to prevent excessive erosion.