About Salesians of Don Bosco

About Salesians of Don Bosco

The Salesians of Don Bosco (or the Salesian Society, originally known as the Society of St. Francis de Sales) is a Roman Catholic religious institute founded in the late nineteenth century by Saint John Bosco in order to, through works of charity, to care for the young and poor children. The institute is named for St. Francis de Sales, an early-modern bishop of Geneva. St. Don Bosco died on the 31st of January 1888. The death of Don Bosco did not slow the institute's growth, it now counts more than 20,000 members and is the third largest missionary organization in the world. The Salesians can be found worldwide in many different initiatives on behalf of young people; schools, oratories, youth centres, technical and professional training centres, parishes, foreign missions and activities in the realm of mass media and communication.

The first Don Bosco missionaries arrived in Timor-Leste in 1927 on their way back to Europe from a visit to China. However, the first Salesian priests only stayed three years. Don Bosco missionaries returned and settled more permanently in 1946 just after World War II. They settled in Fuiloro, Lautem where they established the first Don Bosco rural elementary school.  The Salesians have since spread their activities to Baucau, Dili and Maliana, with activities in Fuiloro, Los Palos, Laga, Quilecai, Venilale, Fatumaka, Baucau, Maliana and Dili. See also Salesians of Don Bosco, Indonesia and Timor-Leste official website www.dbtimorleste.org. The training centre in Comoro was established in 1991 and started training in building construction for youth in 1995.

Don Bosco Training Center 

Is a vocational training institution privately managed by the Salesians of Don Bosco. The Training Centre is a leading training institution working mainly with the building construction industry in Timor-Leste. The Training Centre, situated in Comoro, has been operational since the 1995 and has around 200 students per year.

The institution provides building construction industry training and has courses in carpentry, automotive, metal, welding, plumbing, electrical engineering and computer skills. The Section for training in Labour-Based Technology (LBT) for Timorese entrepreneurs has recently been established at Don Bosco.